iiyama G-Master Gaming Monitors: Unleashing the Power of Immersive Gameplay

iiyama G-Master Gaming Monitors: Unleashing the Power of Immersive Gameplay

Through all stages: concept, design and development – the iiyama G-Master™ #monitors4gamers were meant to give true hardcore gamers the competitive edge they need to unlock their full gaming potential. Packed with the right specification, they are your ultimate partners in battle.

The iiyama G-Master™ #monitors4gamers represent different clans. To join the pro squad choose Red Eagle™ combining the fastest response time and 144 or 165Hz refresh rate. To enter the game, go for the offering 75Hz refresh rate Black Hawk™. With the WQHD, 1ms @75Hz Silver Crow™ you can enter a new dimension of gaming. And the 240Hz Gold Phoenix™ is the ultimate choice for competitive gamers allowing them to take full advantage of their gaming potential.

All G-Master™ #monitors4gamers support Adaptive Sync technology.

Learn more about the different clans, to find out which one is the right choice for you.


Pictured - iiyama G-Master GB3467WQSU-B5 Curved 1500R 34" Gaming Monitor

Red Eagle™ - Join the PRO squad

The Red Eagle is a real game changer, giving true gamers the competitive edge they need to make split second decisions. Spiking down on your enemies with a blistering response time, it ensures fluid and accurate transition between images.

No matter which you prefer: RTS, FPS, MOBA and MMO - choose Red Eagle and rank yourself top of the gamer community food chain.


Black Hawk™ - Get in the game

Capable of displaying Full HD images at 75Hz, the Black Hawk is the perfect companion in your gaming adventures. Armed with Black Tuner function and Adaptive Sync Technology with a stunning response time, the Black Hawk guarantees you will see every tiny detail even in the shadowed screen areas and will be able to respond to the changing situation in an instant.


Silver Crow™ - Enter a New Dimension

The Silver Crow opens you to a whole new level of gaming experiences. As the 2560x1440 display offers 77% more on-screen space than a standard 1920x1080 Full HD monitor, the Silver Crow makes sure all the finest details are displayed with perfect image clarity. Nothing will skip your attention.


Gold Phoenix™ - Control the game

The Gold Phoenix is the ultimate monitor choice allowing you to take full advantage of your gaming potential. Packed with the latest technologies, including FreeSync Premium, the Gold Phoenix features a 240Hz refresh rate and a stunning 0.4ms Moving Picture Response Time response time making sure your equipment will never hold you back.

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