M-Tech Ireland Road Show 2024 with iiyama - Q3 2024

M-Tech Road Show - Rach Ahead with Sharp / NEC

Race ahead with iiyama.

Q3 2024 at Mondello Park Race


We are excited to continue our series of M-Tech Road Shows in 2024. Partnering with our distribution vendors, we are creating a number of exclusive event showcasing the latest technologies from our Vendor partners and engaging thought leadership around the Pro-AV and IT industries.

In Q3 2024, we are hosting a M-Tech Road Show in partnership with iiyama at the historic Mondello Park Race Circuit.

With a day of learning and practical presentations and demonstrations, followed by the Porsche Driving Thrill Experience, this event should not be missed. The Porsche Driving Thrill Experience puts you in the front seat of a Porsche Cayman doing 8x laps of intense driving around Ireland's legendary racing circuit.

We will have the latest 105" TE10518UWI-B1AG interactive touch screen display so you can see first hand how this ultra wide touch screens is a revolutionary step in conference room displays and the ultimate collaboration tool for your meetings. 

Space is extremely limited so registration is essential. Mark your calendars and prepare to register as soon as it is made available. Event Registration will be launched in Q1 2024.


9:00am - 10:00am - Registration with Coffee, Teas and Breakfast items

10:00 - 12:30pm - Presentations by iiyama & Mentor Ireland

12:30pm - 1:30pm - Lunch Provided

1:30pm - 5:30pm - Porsche Driving Thrill Experience & Martin Birrane Collection Tour

5:30pm - Trophy Awards and End of Event

7:30pm - Optional Evening Dinner in Central Dublin

About the Porsche Driving Thrill Experience

Grab the once in a life time thrill of driving a high performance Porsche Cayman on the exhilarating Mondello Park National Circuit. Experience the speed, power and handling of a thoroughbred Porsche for five exciting laps with an instructor alongside to help you make the most of your time behind the wheel.

To help you get the best from your experience you will learn the skills required to push the Porsche to its limit during three introductory laps at the wheel of Race Prepared Saloon Car with a professional instructor alongside.

About Mondello Park

Mondello Park is Ireland's premier motorsport and motor racing circuit, situated in County Kildare, approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) southwest of Dublin. Founded in 1968 by racing driver Martin Birrane, the circuit has a rich history as Ireland's home for motorsport enthusiasts. Over the years, it has hosted a wide range of events, including national and international races, rallies, and motorcycle competitions.

Mondello Park has played a significant role in nurturing Irish motorsport talent and fostering a vibrant racing community. With a variety of track layouts and facilities, it continues to be a hub for motorsport enthusiasts and a key venue for racing events in Ireland.

About iiyama

Founded in March 1972 as Iiyama Electric Corporation by 23-year-old bank employee Kazuro Katsuyama, iiyama started producing black and white TVs in 1976 and color TVs in 1979, followed by computer monitors and displays in 1981.

Mentor Distribution has been partnering with iiyama for over 29 years to bring their excellent range of quality displays, touch screens, Large Format Displays (LFD) and interactive LFD (iLFD) to the UK and Irish market. 

More Information

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to embark on a journey into the future of technology, security, and workplace innovation.

For event inquiries, contact events@mentor-distribution.ie

Event Registration will be launched in Q1 2024.

Event Address: Mondello Park,
Donore, Naas,
Co. Kildare
Eircode: W91 T957

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