Ultra Wide Large Format Displays by iiyama

The TE10518UWI-B1AG is a groundbreaking 105" 5K UHD Interactive Touchscreen designed to revolutionize collaboration and engagement in workspaces. With cutting-edge technology and a range of impressive features, this interactive display is tailored for boardrooms, classrooms, and collaborative meeting spaces. The 21:9 Ultra-Wide aspect ratio ensures a panoramic view, fostering creativity and seamless communication. Beyond its remarkable 5K resolution, this display is a versatile tool for transforming the way people work, communicate, and share ideas.

On the other hand, the LH10551UWS-B1AG offers a true 21:9 Panoramic Ultra-Wide view with its stunning 105" display. The super-sleek thin bezel design enhances the visual experience, showcasing vibrant and larger-than-life imagery and videos in 5KUW resolution. Whether deployed in mission-critical control rooms or as dynamic digital signage in high-end retail spaces, this large format display captures attention effortlessly. Its design is optimized for continual, around-the-clock use, and the display can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation, providing businesses with a versatile and effective solution to create captivating visual content in any space.

Both iiyama displays, with their expansive size and impressive resolutions, demonstrate the brand's commitment to delivering top-notch visual solutions for diverse professional environments. Whether fostering collaboration in meetings or captivating audiences in retail spaces, these ultra-wide large format displays redefine the possibilities of immersive visual communication.

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